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Child Care in Bardia

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We all know, children have an incredible level of grasping power and powerful energy! And in this case, a Child having a solid base is significant for his/her future. Because at an early age, they love learning new things and are highly physically active, learning at our childcare centre at an early age will surely help in their future career.

Childcare is an essential part of your little Child! We ensure that our childcare centre in Bardia is fully loaded with positivity that encourages every Child. Our Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is an incredibly famous and most trusted childcare centre in Bardia amongst parents and Children. Our staff adapts fun learning so that Children love to learn and do not face any problems in the future.

If the child doesn't have a strong base then, how can they build their future? We understand that nowadays, everything which is related to a child must be innovative. As a parent or as a mentor, you want your child to become victorious in academic and personal manners!

The Reasons why we come forward

The latter half of the twentieth century saw a dramatic increase in the number of women with toddlers and working outside the home. Today in Australia most of the mothers with infants are employed. These developments have led to an increase in the demand of our childcare centre, where we are known as the best service provider to parents while they are on their job. Most children are a part of some sort of non-parental care. As children grow up, they are more likely to receive care from someone other than their parents. 

We provide childcare and early education services to children between the ages of six weeks to 10 years. Our Highly trained, dedicated guides, teachers, and management staff are there every time to ensure your child's well-being and safety. Our home-based centre, safe, and secure environment make our premises a great place for children to play, laugh, learn, and enjoy themselves.

What all services are offered by us?

  • Taking care of your child

Starting at the front door, our perfect health safety systems have been improvised to ensure a clean, acceptable environment. Your child’s well-being is our top priority now and will always be.

  • Help to understand the real world

Cognitive development and skills are two important learning areas for children. Cognitive development is about high-level tasks such as problem-solving, intellect, and critical thinking. Skills enhancement is the ability to do tasks and specific ways of tackling problems of academics, such as words, additions, and subtraction.

  • Aware, Care and Share is important for children

Here, teachers get to know children so that they can plan activities that help them develop academic skills and life skills (communication, socialization, etc.). Afterwards, we share the progress of children with their parents through portfolios and conferences.

  • Ready, Set, and Success

All of our programs and modules provide early childhood education that ensures all children are prepared for primary school - and for a learning life.

Why choose Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre?

  • We help prepare children for school. 

We are the perfect childcare centre to spark a love for learning. With so many activities and learning opportunities, even our youngest daycare attendees have the opportunity to start exploring the world around them and get opportunities where learning is fun. 

  • Involvement in more social opportunities.

Children who attend our daycare have a chance to socialize with children both older and younger than them. It helps them learn more about sharing, working with others, and making friends. They can use these skills further in their life!

  • We help to improve children's mental health.

Some studies suggest that attending daycare is good for a child's mental health. The reason being that our daycare provides a stable and safe environment with routine and structure. For children who cannot find that atmosphere at home then our Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is the perfect option to move ahead for stability in later life.

  • Children learn to manage various things.

We are known for a centre where Children learn about routine and managing things in their daily lives, something that will be important both in their school life and their careers in the future.

How to Connect with us?

We are here to solve your all issues and problems, just need to contact us. You can contact us by visiting our website. Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is the leading childcare centre in Bardia where you will get the solutions related to the problems that parents are facing in their life regarding their Children.

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