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Best Preschool & Day Child Care Centre in Bossley Park

The best child daycare centre in Bossley Park

Are you a working parent and looking for the safest daycare centre where your child will feel at home? Love and care are the most crucial factors of a child's growth journey. Today due to higher standards of living and the urge to give the best education and facilities to the child both the parents work. At the same time with social development women are conquering new heights professionally.

The parents are worried about the health and safety of their little ones. They want somebody who can raise their child with the utmost care and love when they are out for work. Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre knows your dilemma between your professional commitments and family responsibility. We are a professionally established preschool, daycare and a childcare centre at Bossley Park where parents can completely rely on us and accomplish their professional goals.

Our surroundings and facilities we offer:

Family-like atmosphere

Our childcare centre in Bossley Park endeavours to provide a conducive atmosphere like home. We indulge in the practices of involving family to understand the child better and feedback to parents.

Qualified Staff

We make sure that your child is in safe hands in our daycare centre by appointing qualified staff. The trained staff is well aware of child psychology and their growth and development process. The staff is educated for first aid to handle the emergencies for the health and safety of your child. We have staff who can speak language which are local to the community and surrounding areas hence giving an added ease of doing childcare among parents.

Age Group 

We cater to the age group from six weeks right up to the Six years years in our daycare and childcare centre at Bossley Park. The centre facilitates all the care required for the growth and development of the child at our centre.  


The curriculum is the instrument to bring the desired change in the child's behavior. We design a curriculum that is age-appropriate and focuses on developing curiosity and encourage learning.

Each child is a different policy

Every child is different by nature and that is our approach to teaching. We take an individualized approach to stimulate the learning process in every child. This helps the parent and teacher to know the skills and potential of the child that will help in lifelong learning, socializing, and to enhance self-reliance.

Fully equipped

Our preschool is designed according to the child’s necessity that is based on the Child’s psychology. The environment creates appeals to the children and keeps them busy.  Rather than using just audio-visual media our community and cognitive development-based games and toys allow your child to think, socialize, and bring psychomotor development. We give access to the camera to the parents where they can check the activity of the child for their mental and emotional satisfaction.

3C Formula is our core belief


We ensure that your child will feel happy and safe at home. We genuinely believe in the thought that every child is just a person to the world but for you, they are your world. The smile on your child's face is our motto and that reveals that there are people around them in Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre who are caring and sharing.


We shape the personality of your child in Abacus Kindergarten daycare and childcare centre at Bossley Park. The inception of all-round development of the child's personality is geared up here under the supervision of trained staff and guidance of experts.


Providing a connection between home and school is the most important objective of our preschool in Bossley Park. The social and emotional bond is slowly developed so that the child can easily navigate into the outside world.

For us, your child is important, and we feel responsible for the comprehensive development of your child. Feel safe and leave all your worries with us to concentrate on your professional commitments. We are the leading and one of the most respected child daycare centres in Bossley Park as our attitude matters that keep us ahead of all.

Contact us today and book your free consultation with our experts and allow us to shape your child’ future.


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