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Preschool & Day Child Care Centre in Edmondson Park

The Most Trusted Preschool in Edmondson Park

With over fourteen years of childcare experiences, Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre plays an integral role in exploring the environment for the children in an implausible way. Our Preschool and Childcare centre in Edmondson Park imparts all kinds of intellectual, ethical, physical, social, linguistic and spiritual skills which will stimulate the brain and the character of the toddlers and preschoolers. We handle all the Children with lots of love and care and boost them to create their own creative world.

Features of our Preschool:

  • Learning Through Play: Different types of toys and colourful substances always draw the attention of the children. So, the finest way to teach the little toddlers is through symbolic toys, sensorial and construction games and instructive equipment.
  • Artistic and Communication Activities: Singing, dancing, painting, reading images, listening to stories and music- all are the fundamental parts for a child to develop confidence. Through these, a child can easily communicate to others and it will help to raise the memorising power of the little ones.
  • Outdoor Happenings:  To groom a child, both mentally and physically, outdoor activities are most essential. Through meditation, playing with sand and water, planting, or gardening, using playground tools, Children can simply attach with mother nature and the open-air refreshes their soul and builds them strong and energetic.
  • Linguistic Skill: Infants are too little to speak a word properly. They only can use short phrases and various expressions to confess their feelings. Appropriate conversation therapy will help to introduce the Children with new vocabularies, and it will help them to learn the language and words steadily at our childcare centre in Edmondson Park.
  • Academic Skill: Math and literacy skills are also introduced for toddlers in preschools. At this age, a child can learn numbers and alphabets through songs and puzzles. At our childcare centre we help them to recite rhymes and chants beautifully by observing the pictures.

 Why Choose Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre? 

  • Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is a reputed and reliable Daycare in Edmondson Park, Australia.
  • Our childcare centre has well trained and highly educated teachers and staff to look after the children appropriately.
  • We appreciate the talent and abilities of the Children and encourage them to gain more achievements.
  • The children, who are slow learners, are always being provided with special attention and support by our team.
  • Our admission charges are inexpensive, and we set an adjustable time span for all the working parents who are concerned for their little ones.
  • We fully oppose torturing the Children by mentally or physically. Rather we expand a friendly and delighted atmosphere for the children in our daycare Centre. Primary treatment facilities such as First-aid etc. are always available for any emergency. We firmly maintain the safety and sanitary process to stop spreading any germs or infections.   

Preschool Necessities:

In our modern life, parents are not able to take proper care of their babies due to busy work schedules. So, nowadays a dependable Preschool is the ultimate destination.

  •       In our Daycare, infants will learn to talk amazingly fast by communicating with other Children as the teachers work with all efforts on their language and expressions.  
  •     The children learn basic ethics, manners, discipline, and hygiene as well. They can enjoy, imagine, and grow naturally.
  •     The toddlers are actively engaged in various fields like communications, sensory, cognitive, thinking and problem solving, logical reasoning and academic sessions.
  •     Unlike home, our childcare centre offers an audio-visual room which provides the Children fast and effective learning through cartoons, stories, rhymes, and music.

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