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Child Care in Glenwood

Making A Difference at our Child Care Centre 

The childcare program is important for a Child to learn and develop skills, as with busy work life and hectic schedules of parents there is hardly any free time left. Here at Abacus kindergarten and learning Centre we don't merely babysit but we are professionally trained and skilled to help your child learn in fun and interesting ways. 

At our childcare centre in Glenwood, your Child will learn to enjoy the company of peers, interact with them, and acquire social habits. Our stimulating and nurturing environment encourages young children to discover new things and learn naturally.

Salient features of our childcare in Glenwood

We know it is difficult to do the research and can never do too much research while finding the right childcare for your Child. However, here are some salient features of our childcare centre in Glenwood to help you make up your mind.

Nurturing environment – Our childcare helps boost the self-esteem and confidence of Children making them school-ready with our nurturing and caring environment. 

Accredited care-giver – All our staff is accredited and experienced to offer the Children the best possible care with their up-to-date child development courses.

Interesting schedule within a structured routine – We introduce the Children to interesting and imaginative activities to enhance their learning experience and enhance their mental level. All of this is done within a structured routine to make the Children feel comfortable in the environment.

The partnership of parents with care-givers – No matter what kind of program you select, we always promote parents' involvement in the learning experiences of the Children to build strong relationships and bonds. 

Safety practices – We go beyond our limits to ensure that our childcare centre in Glenwood is safe for your Child. This includes childproofing, food safety standards, disinfected and sanitized toys, and constant supervision by our educators.

Indoor and outdoor activities – We not only believe in classroom learning but also outdoor activities to develop self-help skills and creativity in Children. Our childcare centre in Glenwood has a perfect amalgamation of indoor and outdoor environments for an enhanced learning experience.  

Interest areas of Children – Here at Abacus kindergarten and learning centre, we make sure that Children’ interest areas are respected and reflected in the activities and learning experience.

Why choose Abacus Kindergarten?

  • We have bona fide and accredited caregivers.
  • We are a licensed childcare in Glenwood.
  • We provide fresh and nutritious meals and snacks for our Children prepared by our in-house cooks.
  • Our indoor and outdoor spaces provide an enhanced and stimulating learning environment.
  • Our storerooms are stacked with wipes and nappies so you wouldn’t have to worry about it.
  • We have age-appropriate classrooms for each stage.
  • We offer nappies to the Children.
  • We are known for our safest environment for your Children.

Searching for childcare in Glenwood?

Abacus kindergarten aims at providing a caring and home-like environment to keep the Children most comfortable and happy. With stellar reviews, we are one of the most reputed childcares in Glenwood.

We know that choosing the right childcare that is both affordable and high-quality can be overwhelming. But your search ends here! Call us to book a tour now! 

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