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Day Child Care Centre in Kellyville Ridge

Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre- Where learning is fun

The growth and development of a child depend on several factors including the environment where a child spends maximum time. The environment and setting of a child have a strong impact on the personality and overall development of a child. Childcare centre is an important place and plays a pivotal role in the development and growth of a child.

Abacus Kindergarten comprehends the significance of childcare in the progress of a child. We are one of its kind of childcare centres in Kellyville Ridge that focuses on providing a cohesive, interactive, and engaging atmosphere to Children. Our aim is to impart knowledge to the Children in the most entertaining and fun ways. Our team of expert educators and counselors is highly qualified and skilled. They have considerable experience in the education field. They are well-aware of child psychology and have expertise in dealing with multiple children simultaneously. 

A family-oriented setting for your Children

Abacus Kindergarten strives to create a family-oriented homely feel for your child. We provide home-like warmth and care to your child. We nurture your Children with values that are an essential part of the growth years. At our childcare centre in Kellyville Ridge, your child is sure to feel the same comfort he/she has at home along with comprehensive learning. Our constant endeavour to create a perfect ambiance for your Children makes us one of the best daycares centres in Kellyville Ridge.

Abacus Kindergarten believes in offering complete peace of mind to the parents associated with us. At our daycare care, we take care of all the regular and basic necessities of our Children including:

  1. Nappies
  2. Nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch
  3. Morning tea and other meals as per the requirement of the parents

Our Child Care in Kellyville Ridge is equipped with all the modern and contemporary learning tools to make learning immersive and fun activity for your Children.

Our distinct features include:

  1. Stimulating environment: We offer a stimulating and welcoming environment for our Children. Our teachers constantly make sure that children in our centre are happy, comfortable and feel encouraged.
  2. Varied Schedule and curriculum: Our daycare centre in Kellyville Ridge follows a fluid schedule with the right mix of various age-appropriate schedules. We develop a child's natural interest in every concept and strive to enhance the learning experience of your child.
  3. Qualified Caregiver: All the caregivers and teachers at our centre are qualified and have an optimum qualification. They are always accessible, communicative, and readily available to address your concerns.
  4. Low child to teacher ratio: We believe in giving one to one attention to the Children at our centre and hence have a low child to teacher ratio.
  5. Safety: The safety of your Children is extremely important to us. We go above and beyond to ensure the utmost safety of your Children at our centre. We keep our childcare centre in Kellyville Ridge Child-friendly and well maintained.

Our approach

Abacus Kindergarten has devised a smart and professionally researched learning framework, especially for Aussies. Our learning module includes all the vital features of The Early Years Learning Framework wherein, we emphasize on the child's learning curve with play based and engaging learning. We regularly conduct programs, celebrations, and activities to make Children well-acquainted with the concepts and foster their growth.

Enroll your child at our daycare centre in Kellyville ridge for an exciting and unified learning experience. Contact us today!!

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