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Preschool & Child Care Centre in Preston

The Best and Most Reliable Preschool in Preston

Preschool is one of the most important and crucial steps that one takes. It gives you Children the first-ever exposure to the education world and learning system. It gives a kick-start to the schooling years. Abacus Kindergarten is one of the finest preschools in Preston. We are known for our Child-friendly approach and fun-learning methods. We make sure to make learning easy and fun activities for your Children. We focus on the overall development of the Children and provide your Children with ample opportunity to explore themselves, play with peers, learn new concepts, and build confidence.

Abacus Kindergarten has experience of over fourteen years in the education field. We comprehend the importance and role it can play in shaping the personality of a child. Therefore, we emphasize problem-solving and interactive learning methods. Our child at our centre is sure to learn more than just numbers, alphabets, and education-related concepts. We exert ourselves to develop the social as well as the emotional skills of a child.

What makes us different?

  1. Australian-based Education program: We have developed as a well-researched and well-thought curriculum that includes all the facets of child development. Our curriculum and education program covers an array of topics right from linguistic skills, social skills, care and share, numeracy, and much more. 

At Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre, we give utmost attention to the education program and methodology for teaching. We make sure to use Child-s friendly and interactive teaching techniques to engage our children for longer. We use the right combination of theory and practical implementation to explain vital concepts at our centre.

  1. Great indoor and outdoor environment: Environment plays a vital role in setting the mindset of a child. The environment must be vibrant, encouraging, engaging, and positive. Our Preschool in Preston has amazing interior and exteriors that surely attracts the attention of a child and stimulates learning urge. Our classrooms are equipped with an array of games, educational tools, posters that facilitate learning. 

Our outdoors consists of a mini garden and some outdoor play equipment such as slides; swings etc to keep the child engaged and indulge them in physical activity too.

  1. Infrastructure: Our Preschool in Preston is one of the finest schools in the vicinity with modern infrastructure and planned structure. Our preschool is well-planned, spacious, and power-packed with modern features.
  2. Facilities: Abacus Kindergarten aims at providing complete childcare services to its patrons. Along with preschool, we also run a daycare and childcare service that offers cohesive care facilities to your child.
  3. Play and learn: At Abacus Kindergarten, we strongly believe in play and learn concepts. We always intend to teach our children in a fun, immersive, and playful way. We gauge their maximum attention through some fun games and activities while introducing a concept and then reinforce the same with theory and practical examples. Our play and learn methods generate and hold the interest level of Children for longer.
  4. Happy and secured place: The health and safety of our children are paramount for us and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring all the safety parameters are met optimally at our centre. Our Preschool is fully childproof. It is a happy and secure place with a heartening environment. 
  5. Nurturing Approach: Our team of qualified and passionate teachers follows a nurturing approach to impart knowledge with creativity.

Warm and Comforting Child Care centre in Preston

Abacus Kindergarten is one of the leading and the finest Childcare centres in Preston. We make sure your child feels the same love and care that he/she experiences at home. Our childcare centre is popular for its play-based active learning technique and homely comfort.

Underpin the educational journey of your child with the best Childcare and preschool in Preston. Connect now!

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