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Child Care Centre in St Johns Park

The most burning questions in the life of the working parents are the aftercare of their little ones. Sometimes the grandparents help in taking care of the toddlers. But the question arises about the professional care of the child required at that age. Most brain development takes place at the tender age of five. The child needs to be moulded to shape up the personality in the right direction. The Abacus Kindergarten is the scientific childcare centre in St Johns Park where children are raised with the utmost care and considering the comprehensive development of the child.

What makes us a popular childcare centre at St Johns Park?

Trained staff

Our staff is recruited having appropriate qualifications. To know our rules and regulations and learn the unique atmosphere of the Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre, we provide continuous training and workshops delivered by prominent personalities from the field.

Home away from home

Only good infrastructure and expensive toys and games cannot offer the homely feeling to the little ones. Therefore, we create a cozy atmosphere for the children where they feel at home and they are eager to come here.

Continuous feedback and progress report

We keep the parents informed regarding the behavior and progress of the child on a regular basis. Sometimes the child shows agitated behavior as they are unable to express themselves. Our counselor studies it and discusses it with the parent to resolve the problem. We not only take care of physical health but also observe mental and social conduct.

Parents friendly

At our childcare centre in St Johns Park we share a special bond with our clients. And people rely on us for all their children’s care and growth. This is because while they are busy with their professional commitments, we support them with flexible timings whenever they need. Our support aids them to freely explore new heights in their careers.

Affordable pricing

High-quality services at affordable rates make us popular and most trusted child care in St Johns Park. We do not compromise on the safety of the child in any case.

Health and hygiene

The set standards of health and hygiene are well communicated to the staff and parents. The toddlers are encouraged to take a little step towards hygiene. The food served is supervised every day on the standards of health and hygiene. The cleanliness is done with all standard rules prevailing in the country.

Syllabus based on all domains

Childcare centres are the bridge between the home and school. We have designed the syllabus based on child psychology. The motor skills are developed at the right age without bringing stress on the body parts. The variety of games improve the cognitive development and social response of the child. Our syllabus is designed to develop the value system through moral stories and other activities.

Difference between family daycare and childcare centre:


The most obvious difference is the size of the children. Normally the professional daycare system is more equipped to accommodate more children than family day care. 


The childcare centre is much bigger and busier. The children are grouped into the appropriate age group to conduct activities for the all-around development of the child. 

Childcare centre staff are required to qualify for early childhood education and care. The staff is capable of teaching the child with the necessary skills and knowledge.

When your toddler is at Abacus Kindergarten, they are in safe hands. Relax and touch new horizons in your career, leaving all worries with us. Contact or visit us for further information. You shall be always welcomed by our smiling staff.

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