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Child Care Centre in The Ponds

Abacus Kindergarten– Not a traditional childcare centre

Childcare centres play an important role in children's social and personal growth. It is the foundation step of letting your Child out and interacting with peers and communities. Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre provides on such a platform for your Children where they can learn while having fun with their peers.

At our childcare centre in the Ponds exposes your child to the outside world and offers them beyond what they’ve learned in the confined spaces of home till now.

What makes our childcare centre in the Ponds different from others?

Our childcare centre acts as a catalyst for the early growth and development of children. We use traditional as well as modern innovative methods to set your Children to a great start. Here are some of our methods which are better than traditional childcare centre –

Themed rooms

Children feel and perceive differently at a different age. Our childcare centre in the Ponds has divided children into small groups according to their age and put them into themed rooms to evoke relevant emotions. These rooms include:

  • Cuddly Koalas for 0-2 years old Children, for they are responding to moving objects and are interested in bright colours and cuddly things. 
  • Dancing Dolphins for 2-3 years old Children who are developing social skills and are trying to communicate with people around them.
  • Happy Hippos for 3-4 years old Children who are looking for discoveries and challenges.
  • Giant Giraffes for 4-5 years old Children who are big enough to recognize people, express their ideas, and develop skills.

Spontaneous learning

Our childcare centre in The Ponds promotes active and spontaneous learning by involving the Children in spontaneous play and allows them to develop their imagination while experiencing events.

Structured routine 

Although we believe in spontaneous plays and learning through experience, all of this is done within a structured and predictable daily routine to make the Children feel comfortable with the environment.

The amalgamation of the indoor and outdoor environment

We know that to develop both mental and physical skills the child needs to have a perfect balance of both indoor and outdoor environments. Our childcare centre in the Ponds has the perfect amalgamation of activities involving both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Why should you choose Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre?

  • Abacus Kindergarten employs qualified and experienced staff to guide your Children through early education.
  • We provide nutrition-packed meals made on our premises.
  • You won’t have to worry about wipes and nappies when your Child is with us.
  • We involve families and communities in the learning experiences of Children.

Looking for a childcare centre in the Ponds?

In this world where there is advancement in every sector why leave your Child at a monotonous and traditional childcare centre? Abacus kindergarten provides a stimulating and nurturing environment for your Child with the guidance of accredited and experienced educators.

When your Children are with us, they are not just cared for, but they are in an energizing and thought-provoking space engaging in various learning experiences. 

Book a tour now to our childcare centre in The Ponds and try to feel the difference.

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