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Child Care Centre in Wakeley

Your Children Our Responsibility at Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre.

Childhood days are best of all seasons of life. Child development takes place in the first six years, therefore we at Abacus Kindergarten and learning centre in Wakeley give them a base /space that supports vibrant & flexible learning styles ensuring our little ones can explore themselves & learn new things in the best way they can. 

We provide early childcare in a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment since 2006. We understand how tough it is for the parents to leave their children alone in the hands of strangers. We create a strong bond with our Children and give them a quality care format, the right tool for the best start in life. So, enrol your Child with Abacus Kindergarten and learning centre, the best childcare centre in Wakeley.

How do we make learning better? 

We offer an experience that goes beyond the classroom. We provide excursion and incursions as it improves the skills in young ones and helps them learn through new experiences. We understand that learning can take place anywhere and anytime. And therefore, our teaching pattern is constructed in such a way that it enables the little ones to think on their own and share their innovative ideas with new experiences. We promote learning by engaging all their senses complemented by the use of modern technology. 

We at Abacus kindergarten and learning centre provide our children with the skills and exposure they need to excel in their new school.

Our environment

We provide a compelling learning environment filled with activities that are both challenging and fun to enhance the mind level. Quality education encompasses a broad spectrum of opportunities both in and out of the classroom. At our Childcare centre in Wakeley, we offer indoor activities cultivate shared thinking and collaborative learning among the Children. Our outdoor activities offer a play area, enabling the little ones to explore nature, discover new things, and build a great connection with themselves and people around them.

Our Curriculum

The early years of learning from great development in the little one. Hence our curriculum is aimed to recognize and respond to each child’s strength, abilities, and interest. At Abacus Kindergarten and learning centre we design learning modules which every child can adapt easily. We develop intellectual skills and knowledge which are challenging, stimulating, and full of discoveries.

Our Educators

Teachers and counselors at our childcare centre in Wakeley possess the experience, expertise, and education necessary for their rooms' age groups. We have a passionate network of dedicated professionals who deliver high-quality early learning programs and preschool programs. Since children are our centre of focus every day, our mentors and Phycologists make sure we understand their personality traits together with our primary partner's parents.

Facilities do we offer at our childcare centre in Wakeley?

Every parent wants to know if their child is going to get the comforts at home. We say yes, at Abacus Kindergarten and learning centre we offer not only a high-quality learning program but below facilities too:

  1. Great infrastructure with colourful and comfortable open space classrooms.
  2. Daily and a weekly update of your Children via our app and email.
  3. Yoga club to strengthen the mind and body.
  4. Indoor and outdoor play area.
  5. Infant rooms with beds, cots, feeders, diapers, and all essentials important for baby care.
  6. Nutritionally balanced food using fresh and seasonal ingredients with an on-site kitchen.

Our Program

Early childcare & learning: Our quality early learning program helps children build social-emotional, language, and communication skills. At our childcare centre, we make them learn to explore, discover, and experience with fun and play-based activities. 

Kindergarten & Preschool: Under this program, we promote self-assertion through words, creative thinking through rhymes, and stories. We make them express themselves through drawing, singing, and initiate playing with shapes and patterns to develop problem-solving skills. Our preschool program provides every opportunity to prepare for a positive schooling start.

Why are we best for your Children to start?

Abacus kindergarten and learning centre provide a fun-play based learning approach that engages active young minds. We serve with education for life which has been created on principles and practices of the early year learning framework (EYLF). We believe in cultivating self-identity, self-exploration, creative thinking skills, and a strong mind and body to face the challenges in the new world. We conduct our programs in such a way that it allows children to learn good behaviour and moral values in everything they do, as they are the future of our society.

Visit us and take an inside look at our childcare centre at Wakley and discover the new way of learning that can enhance the overall growth and development of your Children.

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