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Daycare in Fairfield

Blissful and Caring Daycare Centre in Fairfield

Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is a very upbeat and prevalent day-care centre in Fairfield, Australia. We understand the importance of a child’s initial years and so we provide a secure and encouraging environment for the infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Besides nurturing the children, we also offer various types of curriculum and incredible educational concepts as per their age. Our main priority is to give the best supervision to the children and help them to learn and grow in a great and delightful way.

Benefits of a Day-care centre:

Working parents find it difficult to give proper attention to their children as they all are busy with their work. So, they eagerly look for a trustworthy and suitable Day-care centre for their loving Children. In a play school, children can smoothly interact with the other Children and teachers which help them to grow both mentally, sensitively, and physically. They can easily maintain the schedule of their work which makes them particular, disciplined and help them to be successful in their future.

Our Aspects:

  • Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is offering childcare service for the past fourteen years and working with the children and their families peacefully and prospectively.

  • We provide fun whilst learning skills, unique and modern technology and equipment for our children.

  • Our main motto is to maintain a bias-free and appropriate comfort zone for the children.

  • We always look after those children who are lagging and motivate them to catch up and compete with others.

  • Our teachers give special focus on the talents and specialities of the individual while they are performing their works.

  • We deliver healthy food and strictly follow the right sanitisation and hygiene process to prevent the child from any infection.

  • Our management, babysitters, Child’s psychologists, and all other staff are very amiable with the children and we provide all the accommodations and facilities as per their age.

  • The charges we offer are affordable and the time we set is suitable for all working parents.

  • We have the facility of first aid and initial treatment tools for the Children.

Some Method and Activities Followed in our Day-care Centre at Fairfield:

  • Speech Therapy: A child below two years requires more care and attention as they speak in noticeably short phrases and sometimes indicate the signs of the things they want. So, to understand their language, a mentor must follow the right method and accessories.

  • Playful Learning: Children are very soft-hearted and innocent by nature. So, it is especially important to make them learn playfully as they do not get panicked or feel pressure about their studies. This will strike on their progress and will down their confidence.

  • Resting Hour: Infants and toddlers sometimes fall in a nap as they are habituated to do so. Some children often need quiet activities such as listening to low music or enjoying stories. So, a resting room is preferable in a kindergarten school.

  • Various Equipment: We have decorative classrooms with instructive pictures, different types of colourful and educational equipment like alphabets, shapes of fruits or animals. It helps to develop and foster the creative and analytical skills of the children.

  • Mingling with Nature: Our Day-Care centre inspires the Children to directly associate with nature through several events. It helps them to grow a natural love for nature and nurture a wonted mindset to protect the environment as well as Mother Nature.

So, without wasting much time and visit our centre today for the top-notch Day-Care experience for your Children in the city of Fairfield. We can assure a safe and healthy atmosphere for grooming of your loved one. We invite you to interact with our executives for admission. Book your tour with Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre.


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