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As your Child grows old, he/she needs more care and attention from you. The child starts to develop a sense of self and it is important that he/she also starts becoming aware of their surroundings. The basic foundation for later learning is laid in the childhood days of a Child. And what could be a better space than a daycare facility for your child? Daycare is one of the best options for parents who must fulfil professional commitments and simultaneously take care of their children.

Our team of Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is always here to welcome your child to our safe and fun environment. Our well-supervised daycare facility in Smithfield will help your Child grow better and develop a variety of skills and interests. We will help your child to become self-aware and learn to socialize.

Why is daycare enrollment needed for Children?

  • Formation of schedule and routines

Children do not have any idea about the importance of time, but our professionally trained staff helps the child to take baby steps towards understanding it by making a schedule and allowing children to follow them. As your Child starts going to a daycare centre, a routine is formed, and he starts getting punctual and organized. We indulge them in activities that aid their intellectual growth. We make a proper schedule for various activities like napping, eating, and playing. The structured timing helps in the better development of Children.

  • Boost confidence

We ensure your child must be able to communicate well with others. This will only happen when your Child is confident enough. If your little one gains confidence in earlier stages of life, it will help them socialize well during the later stages in life. It also leads to an enhancement in the self-esteem of the Children.

  • Progress in academics

Our highly qualified teachers and well-trained staff at Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre helps in creating a friendly environment for the Children. They know how to handle Children and involve them in certain exercises that improve their cognitive performance. We provide extensive facilities to children for their interaction with peers and teachers. At our daycare centre in Smithfield We focus to develop their skills as much as possible and inculcate confidence in them at every step.

  • Improved behaviour

It is a possibility that your Child may be naughty or may not listen to you and may behave rudely sometimes. If you are looking for a daycare in Smithfield that can work on your child’s behaviour and betterment, then Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre shall be your first choice for your Child. We have a highly efficient and professional task that teaches Children the basic etiquettes and values of life.

Our teachers focus on developing manners and emotions like humbleness, teamwork, sharing, and communicating. We try to bring out the best personality of your child in front of everyone. Making your child attend a high-quality daycare will prove out to be beneficial later.

The thought of leaving your child alone behind may haunt you but if you have a reliable centre like us at your service then there is no need to worry even a bit about your child. There is no formal education imparted at daycare centres, but it makes your child able to behave and work in everyday life. They get to learn and explore new things. Never undermine a child’s capability to learn and discover new things. It helps in a smoother transition to formal schooling.

Why should you choose our Daycare centre in Smithfield?

  • We tend to provide a child-friendly infrastructure that will keep him safe.
  • We try to develop understanding and a sense of self in the minds of Children.
  • Children learn to become responsible and receive education through our highly certified teachers.

If you are still not convinced, then just make us a call, and book your free appointment with our experts and give your Child a soothing and fun-loving learning environment. Contact us now!!


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