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Daycare in The Ponds

Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre: Your Child's safe Haven

About Us

A lot of questions wander in the minds of people when they have to make a difficult decision of leaving their child in the daycare centres, as the initial years of a child’s life are most crucial. We, at Abacus Kindergarten and Learning centre, provide a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for the care and proper growth of your child. We make sure to give them proper exposure and provide them incursions and excursions. We have the best educators who understand the needs of these tiny toddlers and efficiently guide them. They implement the school readiness program for those children who are ready to go to school. 

Abacus Kindergarten and Learning centre is a well-known and the most trusted daycare centre in The Ponds with over fourteen years of experience in taking care of your little champs.

Salient Features

  • We have a wide range of books and toys that are age appropriate. This will result in the creative development and imagination of your child.
  • We value creativity. Our walls are children friendly. We have plenty of drawings and paintings that cheers them up.
  • Our daycare centre has a well thought out curriculum that develops the interest and creativity in your child.
  • Our daycare centre in The Ponds focuses on safety and hygiene. We have a great kitchen which is well maintained as per the standards laid by the local authorities. 
  • We stay in touch with parents and inform them beforehand about the upcoming activities.
  • At our daycare centre we have a sizable amount of playground which allows them to play outdoors. Our teachers play with them activities like jumping, running, etc. Through these activities they will be able maintain good mental and physical health. 

Why choose us?

  • Quality – Our team at our daycare centre ensure to have high-quality learning and a safe and secure environment for children. 
  • Our Staff – We have a highly qualified and reputed staff that takes care of the needs of children and guide them efficiently. 
  • Influential – There is an increase in public commitment to quality learning and care.
  • Hygiene – We, at Abacus Kindergarten daycare in the Ponds, provide healthy and hygienic food for our children to ensure their proper growth and development. 
  • Care – We teach our children to respect everyone and have good manners. They are taught with complete care and love. They stay active throughout the day and have lots of fun.  

Some Significant Advantages of Sending your Children at our Daycare Centre

  • Education – We have a well-organized program for your child’s growth and development.
  • Reliability – You can rely on us completely as we are open for more than 12 hours, keeping the needs of parents in mind. 
  • Continuous Care – We offer proper care to children of all ages from infancy to toddler, and even beyond.
  • Cost – We have genuine and reliable rates that take care of your budget completely. Daycares are much more efficient and less expensive than hiring a nanny.   

Our purpose in life is ensuring to provide proper learning, development, and guidance to children. We want them to become successful life-long learners and develop those skills that will lead them to a smooth start to their schooling. We provide them with the ability to navigate themselves in this ever-changing world. We welcome every child with a supportive and nurturing environment.  

Connect with the best Daycare centre in the Ponds and give your Child a boost for the future.

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