Our Motto

Abacus Family is a warm and fun way to reflect on our characters, for children to have Fun whilst learning in a warm family like environment. Whilst our philosophy is made up of different components, but it is etablished by the importance of communicating this ‘fun whilst learning’ message to all of our children and parents.

We use the concept of “Abacus Family” to provide a warm environment and being positive role models for our children. Our Abacus Family mottos help us to transmit important messages about positive behaviour and well-being, in a fun and dynamic way to which our children can relate.

We consider ALL our children to be a part of our Abacus family, as soon as they walk in the door. They are never too young to learn these important principles:

This is what it means to be a part of the Abacus family……

The Abacus family love learning

The Abacus family eat healthy food

The Abacus family have good manners

The Abacus family show respect to one another

The Abacus family wear a hat and sunscreen when we go outside

The Abacus family care for our world through our sustainability program

The Abacus family try their best in every-thing we do

The Abacus family care about each other in every way

The Abacus family are awesome

The Abacus family love being active

The Abacus family love having FUN