At Abacus kindergarten we understand that the decision of childcare can be difficult already, and can lead to a little bit of anxiety, this is the reason why we have an orientation process in place to help the child to familiarise them-selves with our routine, educators, and our interest areas of our centres. This process also gives the parents the reassure they need knowing their child is going to ‘be ok’ and will settle into their new environment.

Between the Nominated Supervisor, Room leader and the family, together we will arrange an orientation day that will fit into your schedule, for your child to attend at our centre. The children will be encouraged to participate in the activities that are out at the time of orientation. Some children prefer to stand back and watch, where other children prefer to go towards other interest areas. Some of these children are still familiarising them-selves into the room environment as they are transiting from the younger room and are still compelling the new interest and activities with-in the room.

We do recommend and encourage your child to attend 1-2 hours minimum as part of the orientation process. During the day of orientation for your child, the room leader along with the educators will follow checklist to ensure that nothing is missed, and all the important areas are covered. For example: child lockers, eat and sleep charts, bathroom and nappy change, the menu and of course the sign in / sign out kiosk.

Please ensure that you are free to ask as many questions as possible throughout this process to get as much information as possible.

Positive interactions between the child, parents and the educators are so important as it helps the child build a positive attitude towards the educators and towards the centre environment. Our educators understand that some children take longer to adapt to new environments quicker than other children do and understand that all children are different and will adapt at their own pace as it feels comfortable. Before your child’s first day at Abacus, it is important that all documentation needed is completed and handed in to our Nominated Supervisor. The documentation is, enrolment form, Immunisation record, birth certificate, Photo ID and any other additional information eg: Allergy Action Plans, Dietary requirements, special comfort items.