Our Philosophy

Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre recognises the original owners of the land, the Darug tribe of the Eora Nation as the traditional custodians of the land.
We respect and value our:

Families by:

Embracing cultural diversity and traditions within our service by listening to our families, understanding their needs whilst responding in a professional, equitable and timely manner.

We believe that it is beneficial to children when families and the educators collaborate on aspects of the service and curriculums. This reinforces the link between home and the experiences whilst at the centre. We seek information and feedback, to assist in making the centre as relevant as possible to all families, educators and children.

“Children are more likely to be confident and involved learners when their family and community experiences are recognised and included in the early childhood setting. This assists them to make connections and to make sense of new experiences.” (p.33 Early Years Learning Framework)

Children by:

Believing that children learn best through play experiences and so need opportunities to explore. Through the guidelines of the “Early Years Learning Framework” we are fostering a joy in learning and an eagerness to discover new things.

We believe in working with families and children with additional needs, referring them to the appropriate support agencies for assistance, support and program implementation, and in being aware of the rights of the child and that our daily practice reflects this.

“In early childhood settings children develop a sense of “belonging” when they feel accepted, develop attachments and trust those that care for them. As children are developing their sense of identity, they explore different aspects of it (physical, social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive), through their play and their relationships” (Early Years Learning Framework- p20)

That children’s program reflects the EYLF Framework that promotes Becoming, Being and Belonging which are the underpinning motivations for the Early Years Learning Framework.

We value, incorporating environmentally sustainable practices within the service environment through the education and role modelling of children, families and our staff team.

Educators by

“When educators create environments in which children experience mutually enjoyable caring and respectful relationships with people and the environment, children respond accordingly.” (p.25 Early Years Learning Framework)

We believe that educators work towards building good relationships with strong sound communication and consistency in practises. This is not only with the children but with each other and the families who are using the centre. Abacus Kindergarten educators offer support to families, by sharing information as needed or requested.

We believe in being positive role models and respecting each other’s knowledge, experience and skills in a professional manner. We believe in open forms of communication which will assist in working as an effective and innovative team.

We believe as educators we need to continually evaluate our performance to ensure that we are challenging ourselves as Early Childhood Professionals; this leads us to continually improving our practices, relationships, policies and procedures.

We work together as a team to increase the effectiveness of communication and promotes equality and co-operation. This includes supporting each other professionally, sharing skills, ideas and knowledge.

We treat each other with respect and listening to each other’s ideas and opinions. We reflect on our individual practices and evaluate ways for progression.

Community by: :

The service being a part of the wider community. We believe there should be networking between other community organisations e.g. schools, to include transition to school programmes, community, libraries, fire and police services etc
“As children move into early childhood settings they broaden their experiences as participants in different relationships and communities.” (p. 25 EYLF)

In relation to the National Quality Framework:
We believe that the initiatives created by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) of our Nation in establishing partnerships with Early Childhood professionals with commitment to continual improvements to our practices through promoting high standards thus increasing the quality of care and education.

We believe these practices will ensure the wellbeing and future development of children in our care as we focus on their early years.

As professionals we recognise the importance of staff development through further training, skill development and career progression.

We welcome the National Quality Framework through the implementation and assessment.