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Preschool in Glenwood

Abacus Kindergarten: Nurturing Minds in A Caring Environment 

Preschool education plays a vital role in the emotional, social, and mental growth of the children. It doesn't only facilitate interaction with peers but also provides a stimulating environment to develop imagination and self-help skills.

Abacus Kindergarten preschool in Glenwood provides such a place for the Children to grow, socialize, and learn. Our preschool program allows the Children to have a strong start to their schooling and strike a perfect balance between learning and imagination. We have been serving the people of Australia since 2006 and over a time period we have managed to gain trust and loyalty of the parents.

Some special features of our preschool program

Preschool is a small step to the giant exposure in a Child's life. It is the first time the Children interact with peers and other communities. Therefore, we make sure to create an atmosphere that feels like a second home to the Children. With our preschool program in Glenwood, we also ensure to bring a positive and stimulating environment for the Children.

Here are some highlighted features of our preschool in Glenwood that makes learning and playing a lot easier for Children.

Balance of indoor and outdoor environment 

At Abacus kindergarten, we make sure to give the perfect balance of both indoor and outdoor to the Children for overall development. 

Active and natural learning 

Our educators and other staff focus on learning through imagination and exploration. We introduce Children to interesting projects and allow their imagination and interests to take them through the learning experience.

Structured routine 

Abacus kindergarten and Learning centre follows a structured daily routine for the Children so that they feel the most comfortable and relaxed in the environment.

Fresh meals and snacks 

Our preschool in Glenwood offers fresh and nutrition-packed meals and snacks prepared on our own premises to keep the pre-schoolers active and healthy.

Why choose Abacus Kindergarten for your Child?

Top-notch educators – At our preschool we have qualified and accredited educators with optimum experience in handling the Children of that age.

Nurturing environment – Preschool is the foundation for life-long progress. Here at Abacus kindergarten, we provide a nurturing environment to build the child's self-esteem and inculcate communication skills. 

Interactive learning – Children respond much faster in an interactive atmosphere. We provide an especially designed environment for Children to learn and experience through interaction and imagination. 

Involvement of families – At Abacus kindergarten and learning centre we also involve families and communities in our curriculum for the holistic development of preschoolers. We believe Children learn better with the collaborative efforts of our educators and families. 

Why is finding the right preschool important?

Finding a suitable preschool is harder than looking for colleges for your Child. It is the age of first experiences and lessons. Therefore, it is important to find a stimulating environment.

Children learn best when they are put with interactive peers under the guidance of experienced instructors. It is the age for them to bloom, hence, a kind, calm, and nurturing environment is what a preschool should be. 

Looking for a preschool in Glenwood?

Here at Abacus kindergarten and learning Centre, it is our ultimate aim to provide a strong foundation for the Child and a good head start for learning. Our preschool in Glenwood has everything you wish for in a preschool.

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