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Preschool & Day Child Care Centre in Prairiewood

The Trusted Preschool and Childcare Centre in Prairiewood

Today preschool and daycare centres play a decisive role in early childhood learning. Earlier we used to have mothers at home for the child to take care but with the amend in the lifestyle and professional commitments, parents are in an urge to look for the best childcare centres. Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is not just a day childcare centre in Prairiewood but an emotional and mental support system to the parents.

Why Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre?


With environmental interaction, the development of the child takes place. It is of utmost importance to provide a conducive environment for the child where he can have positive experiences. We at Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre creates a surrounding at our childcare centre that makes the child feel at home and safe.

Love and care

Children only understand one language that is love and care. If you bestow that they will easily adopt the new environment. The mental and emotional growth will only take place if the child gets the feeling of belongingness. Our staff is well trained to make the child comfortable by offering affection and warmth.

Development of 3Hs

The child's maximum brain development process is completed during the first five years. We know the importance of this period. We technically and scientifically design the activity to develop the 3H.

Hand- It denotes the psychomotor development of the child. At an early age, the child tries to use motor skills for various activities. We offer a variety of activities that develop the right movement and at the right age.

Head - Cognitive skills help the child to make various decisions and acquire knowledge. We offer mental games to develop the brain in the right direction. The main aim of our activities is to make the child think and take action.

Heart – to shape the personality of the child's emotional development in a positive direction acts as the steering of a car. Emotional insecurities can hamper the overall personality of the child. We always keep in touch with the parents and work towards it.

Trained staff at Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre

Like any other profession, we employ only trained staff for daycare, preschool, and childcare centres in Prairiewood. We take our job very seriously and that can be seen through the high standards of the interaction between our staff and children. We have well communicated the dos and don’ts of our childcare centre for the maximum safety of your child.


The curriculum is the instrument to bring the desired change in the behavior of the child. We have a scientifically developed curriculum designed by a team of experts based on child psychology.


We assure you that the parents are regularly informed regarding the child's development. Feedback creates a better communication channel between us and our parents. The feedback also allows the chance of improvement for both. We take each feedback from parents constructively and that has allowed us to grow bigger and better.

Equipment and Activities

The preschool and daycare centres are incomplete without infrastructure. We have invested most of our resources to make the child feel at home and be busy constructively. We have equipment and activities that are scientifically designed which are age-appropriate to bring out the talents and strength of the child.

Our policy is individualized learning for each child based on their learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. We believe in comprehensive development rather than the rat race of teaching different things. We consider the child's age to conduct activities. Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre believe in a happy learning where the child is comfortable and natural. Visit our Childcare Centre at Prairiewood to experience the difference that matters for your child. Be a part of our innovative daycare centre for a happy beginning of your child's life journey.


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