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Preschool in Smithfield

Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre: Preschool for Your Child in Smithfield

As your child grows old you need to find a good preschool for him that will fulfil all the requirements. You should choose an educational institute that will be able to inculcate the best habits and values in your child. The children get exposure to the outside environment. They will be able to develop new skills and interests. Homeschooling also gives Children a good start to their journey in preschool.

The most important thing is that your Child will learn how to behave ethically in a social environment. He will learn to get along with other children too. The child will gradually develop emotional skills and will learn to follow them. Children tend to become punctual and organized once they start coming to our preschool in Smithfield.

Well if you are looking for such an environment then your search is over. Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is the leading preschool in Smithfield. We are the first choice for every parent and considered as the perfect place for your Child. We offer the safest and friendly environment for your child and make sure they develop their creativity and intelligence.

Advantages of a preschool:

  • Explore unanswered questions

Children are not aware of the facts and statistics that parents may offer them and try to make them understand. You may have come across questions like ‘Do birds play?’ or ‘Why is there a rainbow in the sky?’ from your child’s mouth and it gets difficult sometimes to answer these questions. Our highly qualified teachers and caretakers are trained on how to handle children and can provide the answers to their queries in a better manner than us. Let your child explore and experiment in our prestigious preschool.

  • Lays the foundation of learning

The Children are always curious and excited to know about new things. They are quite observant and wish to learn new skills. Your Child may want to learn to read the instructions for using a toy or may also want to know how time is calculated and known. Your Children may often try to save money to buy their favourite toys but may not be aware of how much amount is needed. Our preschool helps in teaching your child the basics of every subject and makes them capable of identifying numbers and letters effectively.

  • Get indulged in a structured setting

We make sure that your child must learn to know about the rules and regulations and follow them when required. It is therefore necessary that your Child should be aware of some basic things like raising his/her hand when asking a question, waiting for their turn, and paying attention to the teacher before they enter an elementary school. At Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre, our staff is highly professional and teaches the Children everything from basic manners to how to get involved in group discussions. We make your Child feel comfortable while communicating.

  • Develop social and emotional sentiments

Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre offers your child a space to develop his/her social and emotional areas. Your Children will learn the basic values that society expects from them. We help your child build confidence and develop a good relationship with his peers. They get a chance to explore themselves. At our preschool they learn to perform small tasks like putting their plates in the right place after eating or pouring water into the glass. We try to take small steps towards making them self-sufficient.

Why choose us?

  • We try to teach your Children to be respectful towards elders and teach them to be polite to everyone.
  • We provide a safe environment and have an infrastructure that is perfect for Children to keep them away from any problem.
  • Our staff and teachers are well experienced and work hard to make children comfortable with them. We wish to be among one of the leading preschools of Smithfield.

We strive to understand your concerns and basic responsibility towards your child. Therefore, at Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre we give your child a home environment with complete safety and affection. Contact our centre today and book a tour to our preschool along with your child.

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