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Abacus Kitchen Stanhope

Our aim at Abacus Kindergarten& Learning centre is to help guide our children towards good food habits which will help them maintain a healthy weight & good health in the long term. As we introduce abacus kitchen into our weekly routine and curriculum, we can teach the children to make smart food choices whilst teaching them an important life skill. This also falls in conjunction with our munch & more program.

Builds on Classroom Lessons

Fun opportunity to incorporate and build on lessons learned in the classroom.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Cooking is a good way to teach children how to clean up after themselves.

Creates Good Hygiene

Great way to teach children how to properly wash their hands, particularly before handling food.

Develops Adventurous Eaters

Children are more eager on trying new foods & dishes if they make it themselves.

Activities Include

Pizza Dough Making

Cupcake Baking

Fruit & Veggie Kebab

Educational Apps

Sandwich making

Juice Pops

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