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Socceroos Program Stanhope

At Abacus Kindergarten& Learning centre a program called socceroos come into our centre once a week to get the children involved in soccer skills. This enables children to gain fitness regardless their athletic ability. Soccer contributes to children fitness, teamwork and skills development. Its a fun work out and falls in conjunction with our munch & move program.

Promotes Coordination

Kicking, drippling & shooting the ball develops agility & coordination.

Boosts Confidence

Socceroos helps to increase your child's self-image and reduce.

Builds healthy habits

Soccer is a non-contact sport that increases aerobic capacity.

Develops Teamwork

Soccer teaches children to cooperate with others and communicate.

Activities Include


Monkey in the middle

Drippling exercises

Kangaroo jumps


Avoid land mines

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