At Abacus Kindergarten & Learning Centres, we understand how difficult it is to leave your child in the care of others. We understand the importance of a child’s first five to six years of life really are. Our aim is to provide excellence in early childhood and care in a safe, welcoming, stimulating and warm environment, and for you to have all the information you need to make this crucial decision. Since opening our centre in Stanhope Gardens in 2006, and our centre at Wetherill Park in 2019, we have been developing and providing a high-quality care program for our children by creating strong bonds with our families and local communities to give our children the start they need. To give our children the right tools for the best start in life, we expose them to incursions and take them out on excursions, employ the best educators to guide them and implement a school readiness program for our school aged children.

Abacus Kindergarten

We are Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards; our preschool program is specialised to your child’s growth and learning milestones. For children ages 2 and below, we offer specialised childcare services. Currently, we believe children need further love and support. For children 3 to 6 years we align our programs with EYLF and NQS to encourage independent learning and thinking, in preparation for primary school.

Daily Routine

A day at Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is full of new and exciting things, but it also follows a predictable structure so that your child can feel comfortable knowing what to expect next.

The day includes a combination of active and quiet times, opportunities for group and independent learning, internal teaching and spontaneous adult supported and child initiated exploration, with time spent both in and outdoors.

Mealtimes, hand washing, toileting and a rest period are also important parts of the daily routine.

Active Learning

We focus on exploratory, investigative learning, project investigations and allowing the children’s own interests to guide the learning experiences, which is called spontaneous learning.

Across indoor and outdoor environments, we overlay their curiosity across a project structure that incorporates our Five Key Learning Areas and The EYLF.

Interest Aeas

Packed with fun tools to spark imaginations, our interest areas are set up for children of all ages to create, learn and discover.

Our reading, art, writing, construction and music interest areas put the learning in their own hands, helping to develop their initiative and independent skills.

Indoors and Outdoors

At Abacus kindergarten and Learning Educators support children’s explorations and investigations in both environments through intentional teaching, prompting and questioning, spontaneous play, guiding and scaffolding children’s discoveries and learning.

Our Rooms

At Abacus Kindergarten and Learning centres the children can participate in a variety of experiences individually, in small groups or as part of a larger group. The children are grouped into the following Room Groups including the;

Cuddly Koalas – 0-2 years

From an early age, babies show interest in the world around them and seek to investigate and discover with their senses. From 0-9 months, children respond to cuddling and rocking and are interested in moving objects, cars or colourful blocks. Between 9 – 18 months they’re very reliant on familiar adults. They begin to learn simple rules and investigate things by pushing, pulling and banging.

Dancing Dolphins – 2-3 years

Children are developing social skills as they are communicating and respond to their peers. They are also practising their sharing, turn taking, cooperating and feeling comfortable and confident within their environment.

Happy Hippos – 3-4 years

Children continue to be open to new challenges and discoveries. They are encouraged to freely express their feelings and ideas, as well as to contribute their ideas in play. During this time, children are supported in their understanding of the relationship between written, oral and visual representations.

Giant Giraffes – 4-5 years

Children are curious, inquisitive and enthusiastic– they want to be involved in anything at any given time. They are developing their self- help skills and independence. They can achieve all manner of tasks on their own. They verbally express themselves and may explore their own voice being low, high, loud and soft. They will often repeat everything that is said.

Within each Room Group, Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centres Educators plan and implement experiences, working in partnership with families to best meet children’s individual needs.