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The initial years of any child are the most important with respect to the development and growth of the child. It is extremely important that children get a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment for leading a successful and happy life. Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre is a renowned and trusted child day care centre that aims to provide a nurturing environment for young Children to provide them with an excellent first step towards learning.

At Abacus Kindergarten & Learning Centre Wetherill Park, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your child in the care of others. Our aim is for you to have all the information you need to make this crucial decision.

We are a brand new centre just opened this year. We will be providing a high-quality care program for our children. We will be creating firm bonds with our families and communities. To be able to give our children the right tools to get the best stand in life, our aim is to expose them to incursions and will employee the best educators to guide them and implement a school readiness program for our school aged children.

Environment and Infrastructure

We understand the anxiety of parents when they entrust their children to the teachers and support staff at a daycare centre.  Our childcare centre at Wetherill Park has been equipped with the entire necessary infrastructure required for the development of a child in the right manner. We provide a warm, safe, welcoming, and stimulating environment at our childcare facility so that a Child looks forward to spending time with us. 

Over the years of our operation, we have created a high-quality care program for children to help them get the right kind of start they need. We understand that young children need love and support while learning and every child is different. We provide the children with the right mix of learning time, quiet time, active time, playtime, etc. so that they are well prepared at the time of joining a proper school.

Interaction and Skill Development

At our daycare in Wetherill Park, we provide an opportunity for Children to interact with teachers and other Children thereby allowing them to learn social skills. We have 4 different daycare rooms for Children depending on their age that allows them to learn from peers and develop communicating, bonding skills. All our equipment is child friendly ensuring a safe learning environment for Children. On the same premises, we also have a food preparation kitchen where we make nutritious and healthy food for Children. We give Children a mix of all kinds of healthy food so that they acquire the taste of all types of food items.

We also have enticing play areas and environments that are sensory-rich making it easy for Children to explore different things in the play area. We also have a variety of toys at our daycare facility that helps Children remain engaged and learn fun-filled activities and unleash creativity.

Conceptual Language Learning

We are proponents of conceptual based learning and teach Children to speak through authentic situations allowing them enough examples and opportunities to speak out. Our teachers follow an optimized mix of traditional and modern learning techniques so that a child gets a 360-degree perspective of things and is exposed to multiple teaching styles right from the start.


We have designed a well thought out curriculum for Children depending on the age group at our Preschool in Wetherill Park. The curriculum provides enough flexibility for a Child to learn and play freely and develop skills. Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced to teach Children basic speaking, social, motor skills, and so on. 

Teachers at Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre encourage group work which will help Children improve their social and sharing skills. We encourage Children to ask questions and indulge them in the topics taught for a better learning environment.

We have many programs and activities throughout the year which are based on community interactions.

Child Development

We understand that every child has different needs and prepares a development chart for every Child. Our teachers and daycare staff also focus on individual Child development and personality building. Our professionals understand that a Child learns the most when they are comfortable and hence, we try to keep Children as comfortable as possible. We strive hard to keep Children completely engaged during their time at our childcare centre and focus on improving their confidence.

The child development chart is a comprehensive way to record the progress made by a Child. It helps to bring out a child’s strengths and capabilities and recognize focus areas as well.  We strive hard to nurture a Child both emotionally and educationally.

Preparation for School

At Abacus Kindergarten and Learning Centre we follow a curriculum which is considered as the right preparation for a Child to enter schools. We focus on tailor-made programs to focus on a child's mind and body and acquire various physical skills. Our program ensures that Children are confident and involved learners and develop curiosity, enthusiasm, persistence in activities they do. We not only train them for numbers and language but help them prepare for life thereby helping them acquire community and social skills. Our team helps in developing compassion towards others, the environment, and nature.

So, if you want a warm, safe, and welcoming place for your young Child that helps your Child learn, explore, and thrive, Abacus Kindergarten is just the right place. Contact us now to know more about the programs at our Preschool in Wetherill Park.


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